Kim Kardashian

First Picture of Baby North West
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were offered millions of dollars from different outlets to get the first picture of their daughter North West. However, they decided to keep the big reveal in the family.
Who Is The Celebrity You’re Most Sick Of Hearing About?
We hear and read a lot of things about a lot of celebrities throughout the course of a normal day. Most of the time we soak it all in, sometimes laughing, sometimes gasping, but mostly always intrigued. But there are some celebrities that get way too much attention.
Kim Kardashian Replaced By a Bulldog In Super Bowl Commercial
The past few months have been rough for Kim Kardashian. I know that not many of you have been shedding tears over her divorce, but this is a different kind of rough, or should I say "ruff"? USA Today reports that Skechers, which featured Kim in a very popular Super Bowl ad las…

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