I Love Our Optimism About Powerball
I was at the coffee shop this morning and I heard one worker say to another that it didn't matter what the schedule said, they wouldn't be working together tomorrow. You see, she was going to win Powerball.
Mega Millions Gives You A Chance To Dream
Every time you drive by a gorgeous mansion on the ocean along the Jersey shore or a huge yacht, or whatever it is you'd love to have for your very own, the first thing you say to yourself is, "It could never happen." Then you hear about a huge Mega Millions jackpot like there is tonight an…
New Lottery Game Jackpot Pays $1,000 A Day For Life
I am most definitely a product of my Father. Every week, he buys lottery tickets...Powerball, Mega Millions, and of course, scratch-offs. I LOVE scratch-off lottery tickets, especially the ones with the win for life jackpots. $1,000 a week for life? I'm IN. However, a new game has blown that ou…
Man Accidentally Wins $14.3 Million Lottery
If you're like me, you think you're going to win the lottery every time you play and then you...well..don't. Some people have very well thought out systems and procedures. Others just wing it. But could you imagine winning the lottery by accident? Napolean Elvord of Wisconsin did…

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