man flu

Christmas Surprise: The Man Flu
Diane and I were really looking forward to a nice week in between Christmas and New Year's to relax, and just unwind after a crazy 2012. Then we got an unwanted guest. The Man Flu. I was sick, but I think she got the worst of it.
It started with a little runny nose last Wednesday and by Saturday…
Who Complains More, Men Or Women? [POLL]
This heatwave has us all complaining, but who complains more? Is it men or women? I don't know about weather complaints, but when it comes to being sick, we have a complaining champion. Congratulations men!
Do You Believe In the Man Flu?
So I was sitting on the couch watching TV (what else is new) and I felt a sneeze coming on. Then I felt another sneeze coming, and another, and then another. I'm sure my wife was thinking the same thing I was, "Uh-oh, I hope it's allergies". Neither one of us wanted to de…