New Lottery Game Jackpot Pays $1,000 A Day For Life
I am most definitely a product of my Father. Every week, he buys lottery tickets...Powerball, Mega Millions, and of course, scratch-offs. I LOVE scratch-off lottery tickets, especially the ones with the win for life jackpots. $1,000 a week for life? I'm IN. However, a new game has blown that ou…
Dog Eats $1000 In Cash
The next time you get mad at your pooch for stealing your sandwich off the counter, just remember: it could always be worse. A couple in Florida got the shock of their life when they realized 4-year-old Tuity ate $1,000 in cash they had on left their counter!
Powerball Jackpot Is Up To $245 Million
Tonight's Powerball Lottery jackpot is an INSANE $245 million...the cash option a cool $146.2 million. Assuming they take 1/3 for taxes, you're left with $96.5 MILLION dollars. So what could you buy with $96.5 million?