Help The Molly Marie Angel Fund Help A Very Sick Puppy
The Molly Marie Angel Fund started at Bricktown Veterinary Hospital with an eight year old dog Molly (pictured) who had a tumor in her spine and required very expensive treatment the owners just couldn't afford. Bricktown Vet came up with the idea for the fund and Molly was able to get her trea…
Dog Lovers – Mind Your Own Business
I had an incident at the Pet Smart parking lot the other day that got me fuming. And while it doesn't take a lot to get my temper going, I think I was justified. Simply stated: It's my dog, mind your own business!
I Think My 6 Pound Dog Has Completely Taken Over [POLL]
I was sitting next to my wife yesterday while she was doing something on her phone. I looked down to see which picture of me she had as her background. We have this little tradition of having a cute picture of us on each other's phone (awwwwwww), only in this picture I look suspiciously like a …

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