Basset Hound Eats Wedding Ring
When Rachelle Atkinson went to get her wedding ring off the nightstand, she couldn't find it anywhere. According to, she and her husband thought that maybe their basset hound puppy Coraline might have swallowed it, so for several days, they had to check for it. (Yep, I think …
Top 5 Things We Could Do Without During The Holidays
The holiday season is in full swing and there's just so much to do! Did you get a gift for everyone? Are all of the decorations up and would they make Clark W. Griswold look like an amature? Time is tight and our wallets are getting even tighter. Tha...
Dog Eats $1000 In Cash
The next time you get mad at your pooch for stealing your sandwich off the counter, just remember: it could always be worse. A couple in Florida got the shock of their life when they realized 4-year-old Tuity ate $1,000 in cash they had on left their counter!