Which Celebtity Are You Most Sick Of Hearing About? [POLL]
You know the names. They are the one's that you can't avoid when you're online..or on line at the supermarket for that matter. They are the names that TMZ and the tabloids love, and they do make good headlines. But after a while, enough is enough with some of them.
A Giants Loss And A Giant Loss Of Sleep [POLL]
Monday Night Football is always a late night, especially if you get up early like I do. The one thing that makes you forget how tired you are is a win for your favorite team. Well I, like many Giants fans, have no reason to forget how tired I am this morning.
Seaside Ready For Memorial Day: Is It Really Possible? [POLL]
Reports are circulating that work will soon begin on rebuilding the Seaside boardwalk and the hope is that it will be open for business for Memorial Day weekend.  It makes me feel so good to see that Jersey spirit and I am rooting for it to happen about as hard as anyone can…
Cyber Monday: Are You Shopping Today? [POLL]
Cyber Monday, for the third year in a row, is expected to be the biggest shopping day of the year. Liz and I were at Freehold Raceway Mall on Monday for Black Friday, and it was really great to see people getting out and doing some shopping after all we've been through, so will Cyber Monda…
Another Storm Tests The Jersey Shore’s Emotions [POLL]
There are so many words to describe each of us on the Jersey Shore. Shocked, exhausted, concerned, cold, heartbroken, resilient, focused and neighborly are some that come to mind, but one that doesn't is ready, especially when it comes to another storm.
How Will The Jersey Shore Weather The Storm? [POLL]
Frankenstorm is knocking on the Jersey shore's front door. This is a dangerous one and it has most people around the area very concerned, and that includes the true veteran Jersey shore people who don't usually get too nervous about anything.
Is October The Most Romantic Month? [POLL]
Liz said on the show this morning that she thinks October is the most romantic month of the year. She thinks the weather is good for cuddling and long walks. October reminds me of candy and getting scared or being scary. I think December is more romantic.

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