What Jersey Stereotype Upsets You The Most? [POLL]
One of the weird by-products of Sandy was the ability to talk to insurance workers, utility workers and many other people who came to New Jersey from out of state to help us. I got to hear first hand from many out of staters how surprised they were about how nice we are here in the Garden …
Anybody Worried About December 21st? [POLL]
Everywhere I turned this week, there was a TV show about the end of the world. I'm sure you've heard by now that a few civilizations, like the Mayans, point toward that date as a day for a major change. If I'm not mistaken, I believe the Mayan calendar actually ends on that …
Christmas Decorations: Over The Top Or Subtle? [POLL]
Diane and I backed out of the driveway last night to go grab some dinner, and as we did, we looked over our outdoor decorations. I would call them subtle. Red bows and some lights. Really nice. But I have to admit, as we drove to dinner, it was the over-the-top decorations that were catching my…
Which Celebtity Are You Most Sick Of Hearing About? [POLL]
You know the names. They are the one's that you can't avoid when you're online..or on line at the supermarket for that matter. They are the names that TMZ and the tabloids love, and they do make good headlines. But after a while, enough is enough with some of them.
A Giants Loss And A Giant Loss Of Sleep [POLL]
Monday Night Football is always a late night, especially if you get up early like I do. The one thing that makes you forget how tired you are is a win for your favorite team. Well I, like many Giants fans, have no reason to forget how tired I am this morning.
Seaside Ready For Memorial Day: Is It Really Possible? [POLL]
Reports are circulating that work will soon begin on rebuilding the Seaside boardwalk and the hope is that it will be open for business for Memorial Day weekend.  It makes me feel so good to see that Jersey spirit and I am rooting for it to happen about as hard as anyone can…

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