Golden Bubbles – Cocktail of the Week
With Powerball frenzy in full effect, we're paying homage to this insane (now $900 million!) jackpot with an adult bev worthy of the richest and those with simply rich taste.
Nothing screams opulence like gold and Champagne right? We'll combine both into one delicious cocktail.
More Jersey Things to Buy with $800M Powerball Jackpot
The Powerball jackpot is already at $800M for tomorrow night's drawing, and will surely increase again, making it by far the largest jackpot in U.S. history (and close to the largest lottery jackpot EVER.)
Earlier in the week, we told you some awesomely Jersey ways to spend the money when it was…
And The Winner Is – No One
After all the strategizing, office pools and trips to the convenience stores, no one took home the $500 million dollar Powerball jackpot.
Powerball Quick Facts
Everyone is talking about the huge Powerball jackpot. Most people already know how they're going to spend the money they haven't even won yet.
Three $10K Powerball Tickets Sold in Monmouth-Ocean
I just barely made it to the 7-11 last night to get my $10 worth of Powerball tickets. I don't normally play, but when the jackpot gets to half a billion dollars I have to play. Good news! I won $7. Three lucky people in Monmouth and Ocean won $10,000 though.

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