Which Mr. Right Are You Most Attracted To? [POLL]
An article at suggested the 11 different types of guy you should date before settling down. It really is a pretty good separation of the different types of guys out there. But which type of guy makes your heart pound and your palms sweat?
7 Foods You Should Never Eat on a First Date
When it comes to dating, I really believe firsts are the worst. First dates are full of nervous laughs, awkward pauses, and more sweating than anyone needs to see.
Seeing as a majority of first dates involve a yourself the trouble (and the loss of dignity). Here are 7 foods to never order…
Is Adele Taking a 5-Year Break From Music? [POLL]
Adele will grace the March cover of Vogue, but it's the article that has everyone talking. In it, she says in words I won't repeat here, that she's taking a 4-5 year break from music to focus on her relationship. But is she going back on those words now?

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