Bathing Suit Season At The Shore…An Update
First, let me say, I had no idea how deep the stress of bathing suit shopping was for women. I knew it wasn't a favorite thing for most girls, but after hearing Liz and Nancy talk about it over the past few weeks, I think it's beginning to sink in. Now it's time fo…
This Annoys 68% Of Shoppers [NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION]
All this week win a family night out at The Penalty Box Cafe inside Jersey Shore Arena in Wall if you can answer Matt Ryan’s Nearly Impossible Question. Listen every weekday afternoon at 5:20 to play!
68% of shoppers are annoyed by this. What is it?
Valentine’s Day..Uh Oh..Time To Be Romantic!
It seems that Valentine's Day is the day most guys start thinking about romance, and February 15th is the day they stop. I think that some guys think romance involves big things. Things like planning, traveling and shopping. That's why they don't think about it every day. It's complicated, and we're…
Businesses That Should Offer Delivery [LIST]
I didn't have time to make my coffee at home today, and I definitely didn't have time to stop and buy a cup before work, so in light of Burger King's recent decision to try out delivery service, I started thinking about other places that should offer delivery.
The Most Embarrassing Products To Buy
There are certain necessary things that will never cease to be embarrassing when you need to buy them...yes, we should all be mature adults, but sometimes your inner 16-year-old shines through and you start to match the bottle of ketchup you picked up to 'hide' the thing you really went in…
The 5 Most Difficult People To Holiday Shop For
Don't let him fool you, Santa's got a tough gig. It sounds simple enough...bring happiness to people all over the world in the form of gifts. Until you realize that you also have to figure out what to buy for all of them. Here's hoping you don't have to deal with any of these:

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