Roads Remain Slippery; Accident on GSP
The roads have been slick all day, and plow crews are doing their best to keep up with this mess and get the roads clear.
There have been a few accidents and spin-outs reported on the Parkway today, and the same with some local roads.
How Are You Spending the Snow Day? [POLL]
A lot of people have to work today, snow or not (nurses, EMTs, plow DJs...) but maybe you lucked out and got a snow day?
Or maybe your boss is a jerk and forced you to come in? So tell us, how are you spending your day?
What Are Your Snow Plans?
I always do my grocery shopping on Sunday's just part of my routine now.
Yesterday, I decided to do that shopping a little earlier in the day, since I knew this storm was coming, and figured everything would be wiped out by my normal shopping time. I was not prepared.
NJ’s Winter ‘Not That Bad’ [AUDIO]
Following a taste of spring this past weekend, the colder temperatures have returned to New Jersey. Maybe we shouldn't be complaining, though; the Garden State has experienced much colder winters than this one.

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