How Are You Spending the Snow Day? [POLL]
A lot of people have to work today, snow or not (nurses, EMTs, plow DJs...) but maybe you lucked out and got a snow day?
Or maybe your boss is a jerk and forced you to come in? So tell us, how are you spending your day?
What Are Your Snow Plans?
I always do my grocery shopping on Sunday's just part of my routine now.
Yesterday, I decided to do that shopping a little earlier in the day, since I knew this storm was coming, and figured everything would be wiped out by my normal shopping time. I was not prepared.
NJ’s Winter ‘Not That Bad’ [AUDIO]
Following a taste of spring this past weekend, the colder temperatures have returned to New Jersey. Maybe we shouldn't be complaining, though; the Garden State has experienced much colder winters than this one.

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