A Crafty Hermit Crab Gets Creative
If you grew up at the Shore, chances are you had a pet hermit crab at one point. Bet you've never seen a hermit crab like this before. See the awesome pic after the jump!
Easy Summer Dinner Ideas
Figuring out what to make for dinner is annoying. It's especially annoying when it's too hot to turn on the oven and the threat of severe thunderstorms rules out grilling.
Here's a few ideas to try with the family tonight:
Summer’s Flying By. How Much Have You Done?
I can't believe it, and believe me I'm not rushing it, but summer is just about at the halfway point if you consider summer to be from Memorial Day to Labor Day. So, have you done all the things you promised yourself you'd do?
How Hot Has It Been? Only The Hottest Ever! [POLL]
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association has announced that the first half of this year is the hottest on record across the contiguous U.S....ever. It's no surprise to us here in Monmouth and Ocean Counties.  We've been sweating with evey move we make.
What Are Your Vacation Plans? [POLL]
Liz and Nancy just got back from a week off. I'll be taking some time soon as well. It's vacation season! In every office around Monmouth and Ocean counties there's an empty desk or two every week. So how are we spending our vacation time...and vacation money?
Tourist Driving Lesson 2: The Tolls
Hey tourists! Welcome to New of the tolls. Come on you must have heard about them, right? Then why are you so utterly surprised and panicked every time you get to one?
I know one thing for sure. There are plenty of signs...
Shortcuts Around Shore Summer Traffic Are Well Kept Secrets
I think most people in Monmouth and Ocean Counties are pretty good people and pretty nice neighbors. We'll share milk and sugar, and even throw an extra burger or two on the grill for each other once in a while. But when it comes to shortcuts that can get us around summer traffic, we keep those…
Breakwater Beach Bash Was Another Awesome Night!
What a kickoff to summer 2012! Breakwater Beach Bash was awesome last night! There is nothing better than a beautiful summer evening at the Jersey shore with the sounds of splashing, kids laughing and all of it just a few feet from the beach!

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