Jersey Shore Kids Getting Ready For Summer
My wife Diane and I had a chance to visit Mrs.Pribila's and Mrs. Gonzalez's 1st grade class at Spruce Street School in Lakewood a few times during the school year. We feel like we unofficilly adopted that class this year and we had a chance to wish them a great summer yesterday. The kids are great, …
My Guilt Over Summer Television and Even Movies
When you live at the Jersey shore, like we do, just about everything is geared toward the summer season. I spent a pretty mild winter dreaming about those hot summer days and the beach, boardwalk and my own backyard deck. So when there's a TV show I want to watch I feel a little …
Was That A Mosquito or A Small Plane? [POLL]
Diane and I were sitting on the deck in the backyard, enjoying the weather around 7pm yesterday, when all of a sudden this thing flew by. I would normally shrug and say it was a mosquito, but this thing had to be 3 inches long. And it had an attitude.
Can’t Avoid It Anymore, It’s Bathing Suit Season
During the winter and spring, some people were involved with words like zumba, training, aerobics and dieting. I was involved with words like pizza, cake, pasta and Dessert Wars. I have plenty of time to get into reasonable summer shape, right? Wrong.

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