My Amazing Grandmother – And Her Texts
When you think that our grandparents grew up without computers and even TV in some cases, it's amazing that many older folks are adapting to new technology. This past Christmas we introduced my Grandmother to the cell phone and...texting.
Epic Autocorrect Fail Causes School Lockdown
Chances are, it's happened to you. You're texting, and you mean to write "I love that place!" Except your not-so-smartphone changes it to "I love that placebo!" or something worse. Usually it causes nothing more than some confusion or slight embarrassmen…
Dating Dilemma: To Text Or Call?
As a single twenty-something, there is absolutely nothing more nerve-wracking than dating. There are so many rules, and 'games', and heaven forbid you make a wrong step in the twisted dance, or shot is GONE. You finally get to a point where you meet someone, you exchange numbers, and there…
OMG! Secret Acronyms Your Teens May Be Using
Wouldn't life be great if all parents were given a manual called, "What to expect when your kids are texting"? In a world of smartphones, Facebook and twitter, keeping up with your kid's activity can sometimes seem impossible.
Don't worry parents, we launched deep into cyberspace to decode …