The Bachelor

Would You Look For Love On Reality TV?
Liz talks about "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" and all the other matchmaking shows all the time, but when I asked her if she would look for love on one of those shows herself, she said no way.
What Would You Do To Spice Up Your Dates?
On the morning show, Liz was talking about how experts say hiking or skydiving can spice up an otherwise dull date. I started thinking if a date is so dull that you have to jump out of a plane, maybe you should get a new person to date, right?
The Bachelor
So Ben took the remaining ladies to Puerto Rico this week. And of course the 'bad girl' got him to go skinny dipping.
More Rose Drama on The Bachelor
MY biggest recurring nightmare involves falling off a giant bridge, so the fact that Emily climbed the Bay Bridge with Ben showed just how much she likes him!

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