Valentine's Day

A Love Letter For The Ages – Not Really
I wanted to celebrate Valentine's Day with a romantic love letter to my beautiful wife Diane, but it turned out to be more of a question than a poem. I thought it would be ok if I shared it with you today.
This Will Happen About 216,000 Times this Week
Are you the smartest person at the Jersey Shore? Listen weekday afternoons at 5:20 for Matt Ryan's Nearly Impossible Question. This week, win a $50 gift card to 709 restaurant in Point Pleasant Beach!
This will happen about 216,000 times this week. What is it?
Here Comes Valentine’s Day and Here Comes The Advice
Every Valentine's Day it seems everyone becomes an expert. You'll hear from "experts" about love, relationships, break-ups, ex's, husbands and wives, and anything else associated with love. I don't usually agree with most of it, but I did find some exp…
Why Winter Is My 4th Favorite Season
When I walked outside at 4:15 am with my scraper and brush to clear my car of last night's snow, I got hit with a gust of wind that felt colder than an episode of Divorce Court. And it dawned on me. Winter is my 4th favorite season.
Be Prepared, It’s Break Up Season
As if we don't have enough to worry about with snow and ice and cold and Christmas bills and all the other bills and the flu...welcome to break up season, and there's some science to back it.
Best Valentine’s Day Date Ideas in Monmouth County
Guys, we are giving you plenty of notice on this one. Valentine's Day is February 14. Write that down, burn it into your brains, and whatever you do, plan something special for the one you love that day, lest you have to spend the night sleeping out in the car.
Already panicking? Here's som…
What’s More Romantic Than a 46 Hour Kiss?
There's probably no better way to show your love for someone than a long passionate kiss. But, is there such a thing as a kiss that's too long? Before you say no, imagine this. During this long embrace, you start to get hungry. You really want some food, but rather than take a break from t…

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