‘Baby Got Back’ Sung by the Movies [VIDEO]
As seen on Good Morning America yesterday, here is one of the coolest mashups I've ever seen. A YouTuber used clips from 295 different movies to recreate Sir Mix-A-Lot's 90s staple "Baby Got Back." This is unreal! Click "Like" below if you think this is …
This is the Second Most Common Household Injury
Are you the smartest person at the Jersey Shore? See if you can answer Matt Ryan's Nearly Impossible Question weekdays at 5:20!
Tripping and falling is the most common household injury, what is the second most common?
Horrific Accident Caught on Red Light Safety Camera [VIDEO]
Many are torn on the effectiveness of red light safety cameras. After the suspension of ticketing for supposedly being "caught" running a red, a dramatic new video has surfaced. Fans of the red light camera programs say accidents like these are prevented when people know there&apos…

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