Warrior of the Week

Military Monday
So many families have military members who are deployed. Loving relatives and friends send care packages and letters while they are away. But what about soldiers that don't have anyone back home sending them anything?
Ocean County Teams Up With the Joint Base
Listen to the story here:
Joint Base Mcguire, Dix, Lakehurst strengthens its ties to Ocean County's stakeholders and business community as part of a new initiative launched by Ocean County government.
The catalyst of this communication is the new Ocean County Military Support Committee where base…
Military Monday
Our Warrior of the Week is Captain Thomas A. McGrath. His wife has written a moving tribute to him.
Military Monday
Our Warrior of the Week is heading overseas to serve and protect our country while we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. Here's his message to you.
Military Monday
Our Warrior of the Week is a Captain in the U.S. Army who is being deployed right before the holidays.
Honoring Wounded Warriors
Our Warriors of the Week are those who return from battle wounded and in need our support and thanks. There is a great event taking place as a way for you to help and support our Wounded Warriors.
Warrior(s) of the Week
On this Military Monday we honor and try to help a former Marine after the loss of his little boy. They are BOTH our Warriors of the Week.
Warrior of the Week
It is Military Monday -- a time to honor those that serve or have served our country. Today we thank  Matthew Leroy from Howell.

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