Whitney Houston

Who Is New Jersey’s Biggest Star Ever?
We are very fortunate here at the Jersey shore and all throughout New Jersey to have some of the biggest stars in the world call our area home. For me, Bruce and Bon Jovi obviously jump to the front of my mind. Of course we just lost Whitney Houston, and you can't have this conversati…
Who Do You Think Should Play Whitney Houston in a Biopic?
There are stories circulating already that a Whitney Houston biopic is in the works, and one of the stars being discussed to play Whitney, according to mtv.com, is Rihanna. There's also some discussion that Willow Smith may play the young Whitney. Those are not the only names being su…
Should Rihanna Be Working With Chris Brown? [POLL]
Rihanna is back with Chris Brown...at least in the studio...and it makes me uncomfortable. The man beat her after the 2009 Grammy Awards. Remember the picture of her with the bruises and the black eyes and swollen face? And now we are supposed to act like it never happened?

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