What’s The Proper Shopping Cart Etiquette? [POLL]
I made a quick stop at a supermarket in Ocean Township to grab lunch yesterday. As I sat in my car I saw three different people empty their shopping carts then hop in the car and pull away with the shopping cart sitting right where they left them, in the middle of two parking spots.
Jersey Shore Is Already Buzzing. We’re Ready For Summer!
Sunday, I took a quick drive across Point Pleasant because I wanted to get my niece and nephew some ride tickets at Jenkinson's as an Easter gift. It was a beautiful early afternoon and the place was packed with families enjoying the rides. Now that's a great summer sound!
How Is The Jersey Shore Handling Tax Stress?
With Tax Day right around the corner, many Jersey shore residents are scrambling to get it all done in time. On the morning show, we were talking about doing your taxes without any professional help. I wouldn't even attempt it. I just feel like there are too many rule c…
Easter At The Russo’s: Lemon Meringue-Gate
Saturday afternoon, my wife said she was going to pick up dessert to bring to my Mom and Dad's house for Easter dessert. When she came home she had picked up 3 cakes and a pie, plus cookies for my nephew, niece and Nana. There was so much dessert there, I figured no one would miss one…
How Do We Spend Our Jersey Shore Weekends?
We live in one of the coolest places around. It's a top tourist destination. People use their vacation time to come here, so we must be doing some amazing things with our weekends, right? We're already in the midst of all things people travel to get to, so we must be taking advantage …
Ashley Lauren Foundation Planning Golf Outing
The Ashley Lauren Foundation is an organization that works tirelessly to help New Jersey children and their families who are facing pediatric cancer. Many times I have seen their committment to those kids and their families first hand and it is inspiring and very important.
Mets Are In 1st Place…I’ll Enjoy It While I Can!
Opening Day at CitiField resuted in a 1-0 Mets win over the Atlanta Braves. The Mets are in first place! I say that now because this will likely be the only time I'll be able to say it all season long. For all you Yankees and Phillies fans out there, let me have my day. You guys will …

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