The Most Embarrassing Products To Buy
There are certain necessary things that will never cease to be embarrassing when you need to buy them...yes, we should all be mature adults, but sometimes your inner 16-year-old shines through and you start to match the bottle of ketchup you picked up to 'hide' the thing you really went in…
Can You Ever Be Too Tall To Wear Heels? [POLL]
I love shoes. Boots, pumps, sandals, flip flops...any color, any print...flats, wedges, heels...shoes can make or break an outfit (and occasionally an ankle). They can also make a short girl feel noticed...and a tall girl feel Amazonian. So can you ever be too tall for heels?
Dating Dilemma: To Text Or Call?
As a single twenty-something, there is absolutely nothing more nerve-wracking than dating. There are so many rules, and 'games', and heaven forbid you make a wrong step in the twisted dance, or shot is GONE. You finally get to a point where you meet someone, you exchange numbers, and there…

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