Flickr User From Sovereign to Serf - Roger Sayles

Diane and I stopped to talk to talk to a veteran who was collecting donations this weekend and this hero had some amazing stories to tell, so we stopped to listen.

This man had done two tours in Viet Nam and his service to our nation didn't stop there. He basically spent three decades protecting our nation, and even though he had been through so much, you could tell he was proud of what he had done for all of us and wanted to share the stories.

As he detailed story after story of his amazing service, people were walking by, making a donation and thanking him for his service. Some lingered to hear what he was saying. And what he was saying was filled with courage and bravery. We were honored to hear his experiences. And he was proud to talk of his service to this great nation.

I wondered to myself as we walked back to the car how it made any sense that everyone in that parking lot knew more about Kim Kardashian's hair and wardrobe than we know about people who put their life on the line for us.

On this Veteran's Day, let's all try to remember to keep our vets in mind all year long and help whenever we can.