Anyone who listens knows that Liz and I don't always politely wait for each other to finish a sentence. Now there may be a solution.

When a therapist recently visited the show for a different topic, she thought she would bring a tool that might help our "relationship". The morning show now has a talking stick. The concept of course is to let the person holding the stick express his or her feelings in an uninterrupted manner.

When the person with the stick has completed his or her thought, the stick is supposed to be shared with the other person, so that that person can begin expressing his or her feelings.

I have so far used the stick to turn Liz's microphone off, and I've wave it in the air hoping to have Liz disappear. (It didn't work). I tried again. Maybe it's broken. We haven't fully embraced the talking sick yet, but we're hoping to throughout the week.