Teacher Appreciation Week is May 7 - 11 (Specifically, Teacher Apprecian DAY is Tuesday, May 8th.) I know for me, I have to think past the homeroom teacher. Even though my younger son has just one main classroom teacher, there are still some special teachers in music, band, health, and computer technology, art and gym, along with some classroom aides who also go the extra mile. Here are some creative ideas on saying "Thank You" to the teachers that matter most to your child. And they won't break the bank.

These ideas were shared with me at a PTO meeting, and it might just get you on the creative path to coming up with more ideas of your own.

1. A hand-written note from you to each of your child's teachers, personalized for each teacher to express how that particular teacher has helped your child.

2. A hand-written card or note from your child to their teacher. Just a couple of sentences will do. No need to make it feel like a homework assignment.

3. If you are the class mom, or have a directory that allows you to connect to the other parents of the kids in your child's classroom, invite each student to bring in one flower. The teacher will end up with a bouquet!

4. With the same idea as #3 in mind, give the teacher a basket and have each student bring in a piece of fruit. Your teacher will wind up with a great fruit basket!

5. Find out what your teacher's favorite color is and then pick a day for all the students to wear that color to school.

6. Have each student bring in a can of soup in honor of your "souper" teachers, then make a donation in the teacher's name to the Monmouth and Ocean County Food Bank.