This weekend, I started a series of visits to Lowes in Monmouth and Ocean Counties as we continue to rebuild from Sandy. This past Saturday, I was at the Lowes on Route 70 in Brick.

Lou Russo at Lowes in Brick (Lou Russo, Townsquare Media NJ)

Everybody was trying to get their yard work and house projects done early to avoid the heat or keep the rest of the day clear for a good beach day. And the Lowes staff was right there to help in any way they could with the quality advice you'd expect from the staff at Lowes.

I was having a problem with a leaky fountain in the backyard, and it took the assistance of my new friend Ken to get the job done. I explained the situation and Ken thought of all the possibilities, gave me some options, and now the fountain is fixed.

The Lowes staff can get you through the small things. like my fountain, and some of the major projects you might be facing, including rebuilding after Sandy. And by the way, thanks for your donations to Hometown Heroes while we were out there.

I'll keep you updated on which Lowes I'll be at next and when, and I hope to see you at one of the upcoming visits this month. Need more details about Lowes, just visit their website.