It's hot as...well, you know, which means we all have an excuse to do two things: Drink a few cold adult beverages, and chase after every ice cream truck we hear. (In which order you do that is really up to you.)

In case it's been a while since you followed that siren song to frozen deliciousness, here are the best ice cream truck treats ever!

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    Snow Cone

    This was Popsicle's version of the traditional icy snack. They were always more messy than tasty, but had enough sugar to keep you running around well past dark.

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    Bomb Pop

    This patriotic ice pop had three layers of flavor and gave you that famous blue mouth when you were done.

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    Cherry ice with not one, but TWO gumballs at the bottom. What flavor gum would it be? You could never be sure, but you would almost crack a tooth trying!

    Good Humor
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    Chocolate Eclair/Toasted Almond

    These two Good Humor bars are considered some of the classics, and so they tie for 7th place. The chocolate eclair had a fudgy chocolate center surrounded by vanilla ice cream that was coated with vanilla and chocolate cookie/cake crumbs, while the toasted almond had an almond center, vanilla ice cream, and a cake/almond crumb coating. Maybe not standouts, but always reliable!

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    Bubble Play

    I remember Bubble Play being popular with the boys when I was growing up. A baseball glove shaped ice cream pop with a gumball made to look like a baseball in the middle. Play ball!


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    Character Pops

    I'm talking Snoopy, Super Mario, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mickey Mouse, and every other cartoon that was captured in ice cream form. They were all delightful, and they should all come back! (I especially liked the Mickey's Parade ice pops, but they were slightly different!)

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    Sundae Cone

    A sugar cone coated on the inside with that waxy 'chocolate', filled with vanilla ice cream, then topped with more chocolate and peanuts. Bonus points for the chocolate keeping the ice cream from dripping out of the bottom of the cone!

    Good Humor
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    What's not to love? Two chocolate chip cookies sandwiched around vanilla ice cream, then rolled in more chocolate chips. Nom nom nom...

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    Choco Taco

    Genius in ice cream form. Taco shell shaped cone filled with vanilla ice cream and chocolate swirls, then dipped in chocolate and peanuts. Not the easiest to eat, but delicious!!

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    Candy Center Crunch

    I may be alone in thinking this one is the king of all ice cream treats, but tough noogies, it's my list! This Good Humor gem featured a hunk of chocolate goodness in the middle, surrounded by vanilla ice cream, all coated in chocolate with crispies in it. It was like eating an ice cream pop and then getting a candy bar at the end. Amazing.

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