Don't let him fool you, Santa's got a tough gig. It sounds simple enough...bring happiness to people all over the world in the form of gifts. Until you realize that you also have to figure out what to buy for all of them. Here's hoping you don't have to deal with any of these:

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    The Activist

    This person champions every cause under the sun. They are vegan, bike to work, grow their own organic foods, and are surely on the path to sainthood.

    Anything you get for this person will likely be met with a lecture on how that gift is the reason for the obesity epidemic/global warming/animal extinction.

    It's not worth it. Don't even buy a card...they'll say you're destroying the rainforests. Give this person a hug. And make sure you're wearing organic cotton and recycled shoes when you do it.

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    The Scrooge

    This person hates everyone and everything. Fair warning: There is nothing you could possibly buy them that will make them happy. Save yourself the misery and grab them the first thing you see in your price range. They'll find some reason why it's a terrible gift no matter how great it is.

    It will go something like this:

    Gift card to a store? "There's never anything worth buying in there."
    New sweater? "This fabric is itchy."
    Adorable puppy? "Now I have to clean up after it."

    Spare yourself the misery, and just accept that no gift (or act of God) will ever make this person happy.

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    The Person Who Has Everything

    This person has everything they could possibly want or need. They have everything YOU want and need. They also have enough money to buy themselves whatever they want or need the second it becomes available.

    In this case, it really will be the thought that counts. Don't try to outspend this person, or buy them a lavish gift to suit their exorbitant lifestyle. This is a case where your only shot at a great gift is one that has real emotional meaning.

    Think back to a place you shared a great memory, a funny story, etc. and work from there: a photo scrapbook ("I can't believe you did that!"), a decorative flask ("It's just like the one that crazy homeless guy had!"), an ironically ugly sweater ("Can you believe she actually wore this??").

    Use this gift to relish the relationship you have with this person, not compare wallets.

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    The Superhero

    This person is your idol. They might be a teacher during the day and a firefighter, police officer, or EMT at night. They may be a Supermom, single-handedly raising 2 kids while working two jobs and running the PTO and volunteer at 3 charities.

    What makes this person difficult to shop for?

    No gift could possibly be enough to show how much you appreciate them. Even when you give them the gift, they will probably automatically think of someone less fortunate that they will re-gift it to, in the spirit of the holidays.

    This person is generous and kind to a fault. They would give you the shirt off their back without hesitation if they thought you needed it.

    For this person? Take them to a spa for some pampering. Let them know they deserve a day to relax. Bonus points? Offer to volunteer for a cause that has a special meaning for them.

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    The Frenemy

    This one mostly applies to the ladies. You know the frenemy. One day you love her, she's your best friend...the next day? She's the world's biggest...well, YOU KNOW.

    The problem with this person is that any gift you give her, she will pretend as though she loves it...and then will trash talk you AND the gift to everyone else you know.

    Here's the solution. STOP BEING FRIENDS WITH THIS PERSON. You don't actually like her or enjoy her company. Slowly stop returning phone calls...politely turn down invitations to hang out...she'll get the hint eventually. Best part of all? If you aren't friends, no need for a gift!

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