This cat's nickname is Mr. Smiley!

Our Point Pet of the Week from the Monmouth County SPCA is Mr. Muffins...but since it looks like he always has a grin on his face, his human friends have taken to calling him Mr. Smiley!

Mr. Muffins is a favorite kind of cat! He got his name because when he snuggles and you pet him, he 'makes muffins' with his paws...a true sign of happiness and contentment! (And if you have to question what making muffins is all about, then you haven't spent enough time around a loveable cat!)

About 2 years old and was found as a stray, Mr. Muffins is very playful and friendly, and loves to play with his kitty friends at the MCSPCA. And he loves treats so much that he can hear you shake a treat bag from a mile away and will come running!

If you know someone who can provide a good forever home for this cat, please send them over to adopt him! CLICK HERE for details.