And yes, Ben kept the 'bad girl'.

Ben took the remaining ladies to Belize where he took Lindzi on a date jumping out of a helicopter into the waters off a coral reef. Emily had the next date diving for lobsters. Then bad-girl Courtney got a date at a mayan temple, where she picked up a live tarantula and let it crawl on her. (What girl DOES that?!) Then she proceeded to trash all of the other girls to Ben over dinner. (Yet it wasn't okay when Emily tried to delicately warn him off of Courtney weeks ago, for which she had to APOLOGIZE to Ben.)

On the group date after swimming with sharks (how appropriate), Kacey proclaimed her love for Ben and got the first rose from Ben to meet her family. (She has always been my favorite for him.)

Then Rachel, Nicki, and Kacey tried once again to 'delicately' warn Ben that Courtney is NOT the nice girl that she pretends to be around him. He seemed to listen a little more carefully without getting defensive, but then went on to pull Courtney aside and ask her if what the girls said was true. WELL OF COURSE she's not going to ADMIT that she's a WITCH, so she pulled the 'poor me' routine crying to Ben that she doesn't know why the other girls are so mean to her. And guess what? Ben fell for it. And instead dumped nice girls Emily and Rachel.

I believe at this point Ben literally can't see clearly because he is head over heels for Courtney. He has lost all judgement. He WILL get his heart broken by her. It's only a matter of time.