So Ben took the remaining ladies to Puerto Rico this week. And of course the 'bad girl' got him to go skinny dipping.

How can Ben, who claims to want to find a nice girl to marry, not see through Courtney's games? Is the guy really so shallow that he'll defend a girl just 'cause he can't see past the naked model that undressed and dragged him into the ocean sans clothes?

It looks like, from the previews, that for the third time in an upcoming episode, more of the nice girls will try to convince Ben that Courtney is USING him and doesn't really give two craps about anything other than 'winning'.

And how about Courtney's comment when Ben sent Elyse home that she probably drank too much and her "Jersey Shore" came out? RUDE!

I'm shocked that he sent nice girl (and the girl he said was the best kisser) Jennifer home. I'm starting to think that Ben's judgement is totally off. Please tell me what you think!