There were some adorable and ghoulish costumes that I loved seeing this year!

The photo above is from the days Benj used to agree to trick or treat (I think this was taken about three years ago)...but only if I could make him look bloody enough, lol! For a girl that has zero makeup or arts and craft skills, I still loved doing this zippered face on him!

Here are some of the cute and creepy costumes I saw this Halloween:

For originality and hard work, this one was my favorite. The Brandl family in Belmar created a dog house for their little girl that was dressed as a a cute little doggie. For each house they went to, dad (Chris) would lift (from the inside) this giant dog house and carry it to the next house where he would then plop it on the front lawn as if it had been built there!

(Photo of the Brandl family by Liz Jeressi)








I loved seeing all of the little kids, too!

Armen and Michele from Wall Township showed me all of their favorite "Things!"

(Photo courtesy of Armen and Michele Baboomian)

And then there were the parents that dressed up along with their kids!

Oxana and her daughter Kate were dressed as Queen of Hearts and Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

(Photo courtesy of Oxana Insull)
(Photo Courtesy of Oxana Insull)




And although Lou and I couldn't find any childhood costume photos to post...

...Our own Nancy Reamy found a hidden gem...her childhood princess costume!

(Photo from Nancy Reamy)













And now for the pets! You will see my cat, Kisses, dressed up as a case of water bottles below...but favorite pet costume was an adorable Beanie Baby dog in Point Pleasant Beach! Benny is so cute that he can absolutely pass for a stuffed animal! His 'mom' Nancy even took the time to meticulously make the 'TY' tag, including the bar code!

(Photo by Nancy Santoriello)
(Nancy Santoriello created the 'Ty' Beanie Baby tag for her 'stuffed dog'!









(This is my cat, Kisses, who dressed up as a case of water bottles! Photo by Liz Jeressi)