Another summer is on its way out...what are some of the things we'll have to say goodbye to for a while?

1) Beach time

I'll be honest, I only made it to the beach once this whole summer. Mostly because I hate paying for sand time, and I hate searching for parking even more. Luckily, post Labor Day Weekend, the weather is still pretty nice for a month or so, our beaches are free, and parking is much easier to come by.

2) Dining Al Fresco

I love a good meal. I especially love a good meal outside, where I can enjoy some sunshine, a nice breeze, or a pretty sunset. Colder temps will force us back inside to chow down.

3) Flip flops

I hate doing laundry. Flip flops = no socks = less to wash. (I know, you can go sockless in Ugg boots, but you ever smell an Ugg boot that's been exposed to bare feet? Gross.)

4) Iced coffee (or tea)

Yes, you can get this all year long, but who wants to hold an icy beverage when it's cold out? There's something about iced coffee that screams 'summer's here and life is good.'

5) Fresh Jersey produce

Fruit and veggies always taste better when they are fresh and local. There's nothing better than the taste of a fresh Jersey tomato or peach. Summer corn and strawberries are just as high on the list. I suppose you could buy them and freeze or can them...but it's not the same. Better savor them while you can!


It seems like everyone is happier during the summer. Life seems easier. (Maybe it's because the sangria is flowing by the gallon...) Whatever the cause, we all know that carefree feeling we have during the summer. Don't worry, it will return soon enough!

What WON'T we miss about the summer? Parkway traffic...mosquito bites...those dang FLIES...and having to wear a bathing suit next to your skinny friend/sister-in-law/cousin.

Bring on the hoodies!

What do you think is the best thing about summer?