This Halloween, as you prepare to hand out piles of candy to trick-or-treaters, you may want to think twice about what you're giving out. Your candy actually says a lot about the type of person you are.

--Sweet Tarts and Skittles: You're a little wacky and want people to think you're a lot of fun.

--Lollipops: This candy shows everyone that you made no effort this year and just felt like you had to have something in the house in case kids rang your bell.

--Tootsie Rolls: You're plain and simple, yet still awesome after all these years.

--Full-Sized Bars: Giving away big candy bars is evidence that you're a show-off with a need to impress everyone. (But that doesn't mean you should stop doing it!!! The kids LOVE those big chocolage bars!)

--Candy Corn: You're traditional and kind of boring.

--Non-Candy: Giving out anything other than candy (like *pennies, pencils or even raisins) lets the neighbors know that you are shunning the world and have no interest in being part of society. You'd also be well-advised to brace yourself for an egg, TP, and shaving cream attack, lol!

*Of course if you're handing out ten dollar bills you might actually be the hit of the neighborhood!