When it comes to the actual game, New Jersey may have the distinction of hosting the most boring Super Bowl ever. The performances before the game and during halftime were awesome, but as for the game, it was downhill after the coin toss.

But the coin toss itself turned out to be pretty adventurous. The legendary Joe Namath and Phil Simms were introduced, and then Broadway Joe, in his signature fur coat, grabbed the coin and flipped it high into the air. Just one problem. It wasn't time to toss the coin just yet.

The ref realized what happened just in time and did the only thing he could. He reached out and grabbed it from mid air, and made a pretty good catch.  As a matter of fact, if Peyton Manning knew what was about to happen in the game, he might have thrown the ref a Broncos jersey and begged him to play. Phil Simms stood there in shock.

Fortunately, the catch was made, the flip didn't count and everything worked out. For the Seahawks that is. In my opinion, it was the best football moment of an otherwise boring game.