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If you haven't been getting your share of snuggling from your guy, don't worry, it might not be you. Some researchers are now saying that if your guy doesn't easily show his affection it may be because he lacks the "cuddle gene". 

Don't worry though. According to a article, there are ways to find out if your guy is the proud owner of the cuddle gene. Here's what some experts say to do. Sit him down and tell him all about your problems. Put it all out there for him, but instead of paying attention to his advice, watch his face.

The researchers say if he nods or smiles as you tell him your woes, he probably has the "cuddle gene". Wait a minute. You're telling your guy your deepest concerns and in response he smiles. And that's good news? Really?

Anyway, the researchers say the guys in a study who were viewed to be warm hearted tended to have the "caring hormone". The experts did stress that many other factors go into forming a man's personality.

So here's to hoping your guy has the right genes to give you a hug this Valentine's Day.