My 10-year-old found out that his in-class support teacher from school is involved in a little food place down the street from us. And then my son got his name on the specials board there for his own personal yummy idea!

Ever since I was little, my mom instilled a love of diners in me. The smaller and older, the better. We just would always find the best little discoveries off the beaten path. I have since done the same with my boys. Some of our most cherished memories come from finding a little, cozy restaurant that feels like eating in Grandma's kitchen.

(Photo of Food Shack by Liz Jeressi)

So when Benjamin pointed out this teeny building that I don't think I would have even realized was a restaurant and said "We have to go there for breakfast or lunch!" I was game. And what a hidden treasure we found!

Turns out Ben's much-loved, In-class support teacher at school, Mike Coulter, does some of the cooking there since his wife, Gail, just recently became the owner of The Food Shack, right over the bridge at 35 Broadway (just before you hit the ocean) in Point Pleasant Beach, at the home of Ken's Landing and the fishing boat Norma K (III). Gail's got a story all her own that I will leave her to tell you if she wants...but let's just say she is a strong survivor and is now living one of her dreams.

(Food Shack menu photo by Liz Jeressi)

The first time we stopped in for breakfast, Benj ordered his own concoction of home fries with sour cream, which they hadn't had on the menu 'til then, so Benj got his name of the specials board and was so thrilled to go back time and again....especially when Mr. Coutler came in to sit with us!

Gail Coulter, their daughter Cali, and Gail's sister Carol, can all be spotted working and chatting with customers in this family business.  One of their breakfast specials is even named after their dog Rosie!

The little dinette is much-loved by the fishermen who often stop by before a day out at sea, and the place is decorated with oars, fishing poles, some arts and crafts beach-themed items that you can purchase, and so much more.

(Food Shack photo by Liz Jeressi)

And the food is delicious....I especially love their homemade New England Clam Chowder and their BLT sandwiches. Benj loves the breakfast and Christopher enjoys it when there is a freshly-baked batch of chocolate chip cookies that we are served at the end of some of our meals.

It's one of those places where you feel like you can chat for hours with any of the patrons, both locals and tourists. And if you do need to wait for a table, you're doing it among the glorious fishing boats at the dock....just a little piece of heaven near the Manasquan Inlet. You will frequently find us sitting at the counter smiling, laughing, and enjoying a good meal.

I love this place and this family. Just another local find at the Jersey Shore!

(Food Shack photo by Liz Jeressi)