So my son had to construct a drum set out of everyday items. Four hours and $50's how it turned out. How much time and effort has it cost you when the teacher assigns one of these special projects?

My ten year old fifth grader wanted to do it and was totally into this project. (Of course, he's not the one paying). So I took him to a couple of stores as he picked out all of the supplies he would need, having already envisioned this drum kit and written down all of the parts he would need to make it happen.

(photo by liz jeressi)

Then we had to clear the table and spend hours on a Sunday staying home so that he could create his masterpiece. And he was so proud of the way it turned out. It is an actual working drum set made of soup can lids, posterboard, duct tape, pencils, putty, and gorilla glue.

Next up: He springs on me just before bed last night that he needs a TUX, a wig, and a red bow tie...BY FRIDAY...for his next school project. WHAAAAAAATTTTTT?!!!!!!!!!

Attention School: You are killing me!