In seven days the day symbolizing love and romance will be here, and I know guys have a reputation for messing romantic things up, but I'm here to defend my fellow men. I'm here to say men don't get enough credit for their smooth, romantic ways.

I know a lot of women who are proud to say their guys are all about romance. They know what to do when it comes to romance. They don't need advice from experts, suggestions from surveys or reminders from anyone. They know how lucky they are and are happy to show it on Valentine's Day and beyond.

So where did guys get this bad romance reputation? Well, I have a theory. I can't back it up with facts or science, but hear me out. I think that there are a group of guys who just don't get it when it comed to romance. These guys don't just mess it up on Valentine's Day, they mess it up bad...real bad. And that's the stuff that gets all the press, so we all think all guys can't get it right.

How badly do these guys miss the mark? How would you like get a bathroom scale or a frozen pizza, or how about the guy who thought it was so romantic to get adjoining cemetery plots? Yep, that bad. Check out this article that details some other bad, bad Valentine's gifts.

After all this though, I still have hope. I bet the guys of Monmouth and Ocean Counties do it right. Let us know for sure. Cast your vote!