A new book for your kids about coping with deadly, dangerous storms like Sandy is now available.

This book offers hope and comfort to help your kids cope with what they've been through and in hearing about forecasts for future storms.

The book was written by author and Middletown, NJ native Dee Shockley and her three young daughters as a fundraising project to help raise money for Hurricane Sandy recovery and relief efforts.

Dee was deeply touched by the massive devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy and decided to do something about it. During the hurricane, Dee's mother was stuck in her house alone with no heat or electricity.

Dee's father, who passed away a few years ago, had been an active resident and owner of the Colony Inn in Union Beach, which was all but destroyed by the hurricane. Dee says her dad would have been heartbroken to see so many lives destroyed.

The book is about three sisters who experience a hurricane while on vacation at the Jersey Shore. In a single day, everything they loved about going to the beach was destroyed, leaving them to deal with being scared, sad, and confused about a once joyous place. The girls learn that when given time, all things can be rebuilt and sometimes be even better.

(Photo by Dee Shockley)


The Horrible Horrible Hurricane can be purchased on amazon.com or by visiting the book's website. And you can even 'like' it on Facebook.