I didn't know Darren Arms, owner of Colonial Ranch Market in Point Pleasant Boro, very long. We only met about 5 years ago, but I'm glad I met him.

He was always ready with a smile and a joke, and you always felt welcome. It was that friendly, local neighborhood feel that is absent from too many businesses these days. But it was more than that. As you know, I'm involved in many charities, and if I needed a little help for an event, the question wasn't even out of my mouth and Darren had already said yes.

Just about everyone in town and around the area that knew him, seemed to have a story just like mine. Everyone was telling  how many ways he helped the community and what a good guy he was.  It's hard to imagine how many people and organizations he helped over the years, but there were so many.

I'm certainly not qualified to talk about much more than the few years I knew him, but I can tell you this. In that short amount of time I saw his generosity help a lot of people. And he left us way too soon. His sudden loss this weekend will certainly be felt for a long time. I'm so sorry for his family's loss and I'm proud to say I knew him.