Don't know if you'll consider this a blessing or a curse, but the Hollywood Reporter says four reality shows aren't enough. Kim Kardashian says her family's shows could go on for years.

Because there are so many Kardashians, there are already three or four spin-offs in the works. In fact, Kim says we will be seeing more of her younger sisters soon. I'm wondering if Scott will propose to Courtney before the birth of the next baby, if Bruce will get a facelift on camera like his wife did, if Kris will have big success managing the two younger girls like she has with the three older ones, if Rob will continue on a positive path now that he was runner-up on Dancing With The Stars, and if we'll see more pregnancies (Kim and Khloe want babies badly) happening on those upcoming reality shows! Ummmm...  maybe I've already seen more than I should admit to!