What sounds make you cringe? Here's what the scientists say.

Research has narrowed down the field of irritating sounds. So here's what a recent study has determined to be the most annoying sounds:

10. Knife on a Bottle

9. Fork on a Glass

8. Squeaky Chalk on a Blackboard

7. Ruler on a Bottle

6. Nails on a Chalkboard

5. Female Scream

4. Angle Grinder (um...don't know what that is but sounds like it would hurt.)

3. Squealing Brakes

2. Baby Crying

...and the most annoying sound:

1. Electric Drill (some would argue that a dentist's drill is just as bad!)

Do you agree with these? If not, what's your most annoying sound? Mine is someone rubbing their hands together. The sound of dry skin on dry skin makes me want to scream for some reason! Other listener responses: hands rubbing a paper towel, and the sound of a grown man whining (to which I add that the sounds of a child whining is right up there at the top of my list!)