There are certain necessary things that will never cease to be embarrassing when you need to buy them...yes, we should all be mature adults, but sometimes your inner 16-year-old shines through and you start to match the bottle of ketchup you picked up to 'hide' the thing you really went in to buy.

You know what I'm talking about, so let's just get it out in the open: tampons, diarrhea medicine, Viagra prescriptions...are you sufficiently red yet??

Here's the thing, you can tell yourself all you want that the cashier doesn't even notice what you're buying, but that's not true. I worked at a grocery store for years when I was a teenager. You notice when that lady tries to hide the enema box between the macaroni and the popcorn. You are trying VERY hard to not make a face of any kind but you definitely are thinking about it.

And sir? I see your...latex goods...underneath the batteries, manly deodorant, and 7 pounds of steak. You're not hiding anything. Just own it. (And congratulations.)

The thing is, we all need this stuff for one reason or another, so just swallow your pride and hope you get a person who uses said product also and is moderately sympathetic.

Or just shop online and pray the packaging is equally discreet!

What is the most embarrassing product to buy? Tell us in the comment section below!