You might be surprised at both the biggest drinking days and the Top Ten deadliest days to drive.

If you're reading this then I hope that means you made it safely through the July 4th holiday. But according to a survey, August is the deadliest month on the road!

The top five most popular drinking days are:

5. Thanksgiving

4. St. Patrick's Day

3. Fourth of July

2. Christmas

and the number one drinking day: New Year's Eve.

However, the stats for vehicle crashes are way different! New Year's isn't even in the top three days for auto accidents. Fourth of July is the number one day when most car crashes take place according to the most recent stats, and the day before July 4th is in second place.

Interestingly, August is the deadliest month overall on our roadways, with four out of ten days where the death rates are in the top 10.

Here's the list of the top ten Deadliest Days for Vehicle Crashes when alcohol is blamed:

10. Sept. 2nd

9. July 2nd

8. Aug. 12th

7. Aug. 4th

6. Aug. 6th

5. Jan. 1st

4. Aug. 3rd

3. Dec. 23rd

2. July 3rd

1. July 4th

(Insurance Institute for Highway Safety)