It's always interesting to fill in for the morning show, but certain things make the 4 a.m. alarm clock worth it.

Three things to be specific.

1. Traffic (or lack thereof)

When you wake up before everyone else, it means you're driving before everyone else.

It's amazing how much faster you can get around the Jersey Shore when yours is the only car in sight.

2. Sunrises

Seeing as we're on the East Coast, we're privy to some of the best sunrises anywhere.

I rarely wake up before 8, let alone 6, so catching a sunrise is a rare treat for me.

I was really pumped when I remembered I'd be live at Jenkinson's in Point Beach today...I'd finally catch a sunrise on the beach!!

And then I woke up to rain. Womp womp. Luckily, it's cleared up a bit, but I missed the rainbow of colors I was hoping for.

I did get a decent shot eventually!

I suppose I could drag myself out of bed one morning to try again...but who am I kidding?

3. ...?

I swear I had three...but when you wake up this early, you tend to forget things. So, the third perk of doing the morning show? According to our own traffic guru Nancy Reamy, "there isn't one."

Are you a morning person or a night owl? Tell us in the comment section below!