They call the busiest hour of traffic in the morning and afternoon "rush hour". In the morning I don't think that's the hour we do the most rushing.

This morning, as I was taking my normal 20 minutes to go from the bed to the car, I was thinking about how good it is to be a guy. All I do is shower, shake my head, get dressed and go. In just 20 minutes, or only 1200 seconds, I am in my car and heading off to work. It's good being a guy.

So I wanted to take a minute this morning, right in the middle of the real rush hour to pay tribute to women. You have so much more on your mind than we do. Then you have all the things you have to do to get ready for your ridiculously busy day. And with all that going on, you handle it with grace, and you look great doing it.

So, the next time your husband or boyfriend takes 4 minutes to get ready to go out, don't get mad at him, Just remember, he appreciates all you have to do and knows just how great you look doing it. Even if he doesn't say it all the time.