Wanna stay happily married for many years? Try clowning around!

Dave and Cherie have been clowns with the Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus for decades.

They've also been happily married for 20 years! And they say the secret to a happy marriage is: laughter and comic relief. Including making children of all ages smile and laugh.

And despite the fact that it takes them an hour or so to put on their makeup for each event, and despite the fact that they have to wear shoes with giant bubbles in front, this couple couldn't look happier. In fact, when I asked them to kiss for this picture...she asked him for 200 more kisses!

These two adorable circus clowns have traveled the world, finish each other's sentences, and just spread good moods wherever they go.

If you'd like more information on when and where you can see Cherie and Dave, the circus is coming to town starting April 8th in Atlantic City. Just go to www.ringling.com for all the details.