From restaurants to retail stores, here's the list of the stores where people shop most.

A new study sought to determine which businesses American visit most. See if your favorite stores and food joints are on it:

10. Target (14.2 percent)

9. Taco Bell (18.2 percent)

8. CVS (18.9 percent)

7. Walgreens (22.7 percent)

6. Wendy's (22.8 percent)

5. Starbucks (23.9 percent)

4. Burger King (24.3 percent)

3. Subway (37.8 percent)

2. Walmart (38.8 percent)

And the number one most-visited business:

1. McDonald's (in a class of it's own with a whopping 49 percent!)

There are other surprises further down the list, like GameStop coming in at number 12 with 12.8 percent, Radioshack at number 14 with 12.1 percent which trounces Best Buy at number 35. And Dollar Tree made the list!

(Survey by Placed Insights service)