I love spring and summer. I can't say the same for winter. I'm certainly not complaining about this winter because we've obviously been very lucky, and this weekend was unbelievable! I even went out to buy a new grill, a true sign of spring fever. After this weekend, every bone in my body is saying that winter is ov...ov...sorry I can't say it, I'm too superstitious.

I figured the best thing to do was to go to the guy I trust more than anybody on the planet when it comes to weather, our meteorologist Alan Kasper. I asked him if winter is ov..ov...you know what I mean!

Alan says he doesn't see any snow over the next two weeks, so I asked him if winter is over, his answer was "probably". So I asked him to give us a number between 0-10, with 10 being "winter is over", and I'm proud to announce his answer was a very encouraging "9".

So I think I'm ready to say it. I think winter is ov...ov...oh you know what I mean! Don't make me say it!