Let's get these sweet cats a forever home by Christmas...instead of them always being passed up in favor of little kittens.

The Monmouth County SPCA is loyal to animals even if they take a long time to get adopted. But these three cats have been there a long time and deserve a real, loving home.

First of all, meet Blip, pictured above.  If you catch this adorable cat at the right moment, you’ll see that cute little tongue sticking out-- which is so adorable and endearing!! Blip is a friendly and affectionate girl that came to the MCSPCA from a hoarding situation. She was one of about 130 cats living in deplorable conditions.

Blip likes other cats very much and would be happy to live with some in her forever home. This fur ball is a couch potato type of kitty and would love nothing more than to snuggle with you on the sofa and watch TV all night!!

She is about 7 years young and has lots of love to give-there were way too many cats in the hoarding place she came out of for any human to spend ample quality time with any of the cats that were there, so Blip has been saving up all of that love and affection for her forever family.

(Sadie, MCSPCA)

Next comes Sadie. How cute is this cross-eyed sweetie pie with such an adorably silly face?! This cat is a 10-year old cutie pie who came to the shelter because her human dad’s new girlfriend was deathly allergic to cats.

Sadie is an outgoing cat who likes to explore and play. She also like to sit in the windowsill and check out what’s happening outdoors. At the Monmouth County SPCA, she likes to spend time on the cat porch where there are floor-to-ceiling windows and fun things to jump and climb onto. And she loves to be pet, too. Sadie is a nice balance between active, playful and couch potato-y.

(Blondie, MCSPCA)

And, finally, meet Blondie. If you wanted to adopt a mushy lap cat, you should pick this one, who came to the MCSPCA with another cat, Moo Moo, because their owner had to move  into an assisted living facility. Blondie and Moo Moo know their owner had no other choice-she loved them very much. Blondie and Moo Moo  would love to be adopted together but don’t absolutely have to be. As long as they both find loving forever homes, they will both be as happy as can be (but I say take them both home and keep them together!)

Blondie is a big fan of being snuggled, cuddled, kissed, pet and hugged. He would also be a big fan of sleeping on your feet at night or taking a cat nap with you on the couch.

He is diabetic but it’s fairly easy to maintain, and the medical staff can give you more details and show you what to do! He is FIV+ too, which means that my immune system can be weaker than the average cat. This isn’t a problem as long as he is kept inside and up-to-date on vet visits and vaccinations. FIV+ kitties typically run into problems when they are left outdoors to fend for themselves. It is transmitted only through reproduction and bite wounds. FIV+ and non-FIV cats can live just fine together, provided there aren’t any drag-out fights! In fact he is already living among 'regular' kitties and would be happy to live with more!

Please find it in your heart to give these animals their forever homes. CLICK HERE for more info on the adoption hours at the MCSPCA.